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Enhancing climate action in a just and equitable manner

India stands at a critical juncture on energy transition and climate change discourse. The energy transition is already underway, supported by government policies, technological advancements, industry investments, and a growing public consensus. The discourse on just transition needs to gain momentum simultaneously to compliment the country’s ambition of energy transition and enhance climate change action in an equitable and just manner.

Policy and planning deliberations on just transition, so far, have been primarily shaped by the experiences of fossil fuel transition in countries of the global North. There is very little understanding and evidence on the needs and requirements of a just transition in the developing countries and emerging economies. These countries have their unique set of challenges with respect to timeframe, scale, finance, capacity and preparedness for a just transition.

The India Just Transition Center (IJTC), an initiative of iFOREST, is an endeavour to build on the discourse of just transition in India, and enhance understanding on the issue from a global South perspective. The Centre will provide thought leadership, support implementable policies, promote best practices, and build the capacity of various stakeholders. Through alliances and a South-South collaboration, the Centre will also strive to make the just transition narrative more comprehensive, and geopolitically inclusive at international platforms.
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Role of IJTC

The IJTC will take forward the agenda on just transition in India through a multi-pronged approach. It will:

  • Generate and build knowledge on just transition
  • Mainstream the idea to build public support
  • Foster engagement of various stakeholders at national and subnational levels
  • Build policy momentum
  • Facilitate strategic planning and financing
  • Build on cross-sectoral strategies to expand the scope of just transition
  • Build on South-South collaboration
  • Influence international policies, action, and financing

Areas of Intervention​

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Research & Knowledge Building

  • Evidence-based policy research
  • JT planning
  • JT financing
  • Case studies and best practices
  • Cross-cutting research on gender, marginalized communities

Policy Engagement

  • State/district level plans and programs
  • National just transition policy
  • International just transition framework

Communication & Public Engagement

  • Actor specific communication
  • Engaging mass-media
  • Working with influencers

Technical Support & Capacity Building

  • Planning for coal mining and coal-based power phase out
  • Planning for JT, coal mines closure, coal area redevelopment
  • DMF planning to support JT

Building Alliances

  • Fostering civil society network for ground engagement
  • South-South collaboration to build a region-specific consensus and agenda on just transition

IJTC Resource Hub

  • Publications
  • Data Portal
  • Case studies and best practices
  • Reporters’ collective
  • Meetings and trainings
  • Opinions and multimedia

Advisory Board

Anshu Bharadwaj

CEO, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

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Asmita Kabra

Professor, B.R. Ambedkar University, Delhi

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Jairam Ramesh

Member of Parliament

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Jayant Sinha

Member of Parliament

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Nick Robins

Professor in Practice, Grantham Research Institute, LSE

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Chandra Bhushan

President & CEO

Srestha Banerjee

Director, Just Transition

Mandvi Singh

Programme Manager

Rahul Kumar

Programme Associate​

Chinmayi Shalya​

Senior Programme Associate

Diana Ann Joseph

Research Associate​

Prerna Sah

Research Associate​

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