India’s current environmental, land and labour laws are inadequate to deal with decommissioning of industries, and thermal power plants, says a new study by iFOREST.

English | 12 Oct. 2022

iFOREST releases study on unlocking District Mineral Foundation (DMF) funds for DRE investments in rural Jharkhand to enhance socio-economic opportunities.

English/Hindi | 22 Sept. 2022

The report is the first to map India’s Air Quality Management (AQM) sector and the various direct and indirect jobs within it.

English | 07 September 2022

iFOREST releases the first study on Just Energy Transition in Odisha to strengthen the state’s Climate Action.

EnglishOdia   24 August 2022

Press Release: A multi-stakeholder meeting on new renewable energy policy for Odisha organized by iFOREST in Bhuvneshwar.

English | Odia  23 August 2022

India’s biggest coal and power districts will face energy transition challenges much earlierthan anticipated; economic restructuring and development intervention will be essential,shows the latest study by iFOREST.
English | Hindi
16 Feb 2022

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