Technical and Management Capacity Building Programme

The International Forum for Environment, Sustainability and Technology (iFOREST) successfully conducted a “3 Day Technical and Management Capacity Building Program” from February 5th to 7th, 2024, in collaboration with Odisha Renewable Energy Development Authority (OREDA). This program was a significant milestone in the strategic partnership outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between iFOREST, GRIDCO, and OREDA.


As part of the MoU, iFOREST undertook a comprehensive Training Needs Assessment to identify skill gaps among Assistant Directors and technicians within the Odisha Renewable Energy sector. Based on the findings, iFOREST meticulously designed a tailor-made training module to address both management and technical aspects crucial for the effective implementation of renewable energy projects in the state.

Key Objectives:

The program aimed to equip participants with advanced technical knowledge, foster managerial competencies, and provide insights into the evolving energy policy and regulatory landscape. Additionally, it sought to enhance skills in project planning, execution, and risk management, ultimately facilitating the seamless integration of renewable energy initiatives in Odisha.


The program achieved the following outcomes:

– Advanced Technical Knowledge: Participants gained in-depth insights into renewable energy technologies, including industry innovations and best practices, thereby enhancing their capacity to drive sustainable energy solutions.

– Strengthened Managerial Capabilities: Through targeted training sessions, participants honed their managerial skills, enabling them to effectively strategize, plan, and oversee renewable energy projects with heightened efficiency and proficiency.

– Comprehensive Understanding of Energy Policies: The program provided participants with a nuanced understanding of the prevailing energy policies and regulatory frameworks, empowering them to navigate complex compliance requirements effectively.

– Enhanced Project Planning and Implementation Skills: Participants developed robust competencies in project planning, resource allocation, and risk mitigation strategies, ensuring the successful execution of renewable energy initiatives within stipulated timelines and budgets.

– Hands-on Practical Training: Engaging workshops and practical sessions enabled participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, fostering a culture of innovation and problem-solving.

Photographs of the event

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