Report Release & Meeting: Just Transition Roadmap for Maharashtra's Automobile Sector

International Forum for Environment, Sustainability and Technology (iFOREST), supported by Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics organized a multistakeholder meeting on ‘Navigating the Shift: Just Transition Roadmap for Maharashtra’s Automobile Sector’, on April 2nd in Pune, Maharashtra.

The event brought together some of the most eminent citizens of the state, including renowned scientists, economists, government officials, and industry leaders, among others to discuss a strategy and comprehensive roadmap for a just transition of the automobile sector in the state which can deliver positive environmental and socio-economic outcomes.

At the event, iFOREST released the first comprehensive study of the impacts of the EV transition on Maharashtra’s automobile businesses, workers, and the environment. Based on the prospective impacts, the report outlines a comprehensive roadmap for just transition of the automobile sector, which can deliver positive environmental and socio-economic outcomes.

Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, (honored with Padma Vibhushan), a Fellow of the Royal Society Former Director General, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) Chairperson of iFOREST, was the Chief Guest for our event. Dr. Mashelkar in his address highlighted that Technology development, policy, and planning should happen together to channelize resources in the right manner to support the transition. Speaking on the leadership that Pune and Maharashtra can take in the process, he said that Pune has the best institute to innovate on technologies, and build knowledge. These should be collectively leveraged to boost green growth in the auto sector, increase employability and job opportunities in the new EV ecosystem, and ensure positive environmental outcomes.

Dr. Amitav Mallik (Padma Shri), Dr. Ajit Ranade (Vice Chancellor, GIPE) , Dr. Prashant Girbane, (DG , MCCIA), Dr. Reji Mathai (Director, ARAI) were our esteemed guests for our inaugural sessions. Other esteemed speakers and panellists included, Director of Climate Action Cell, Department of Environment and Climate Change; Managing Director, ACDRI, Tata Motors, Former Vice Chancellor, School of Automobile Engineering, Symbiosis Skills and Professional University, Deputy Executive Engineer, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution prominent auto component manufacturers, Gokhale Institute, among others.

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