Promoting Green Cooling in India and the Global South

iFOREST in collaboration with Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation organised a side event on “Promoting Green Cooling in India and the Global South” at the twenty eighth Conference of Parties (COP28) in Dubai, UAE. The event was held in the Regional Climate Foundations Pavillion on 9th December 2023.   

The objective of the event was to strengthen the implementation of Cooling Action Plan in India and other Global South countries by sharing insights from India’s initiatives, pinpointing practical strategies to overcome barriers, and defining the degree and nature of global support needed. 

The discussions focused on: 

  • Illustrating the lessons from India to champion green cooling in Global South nations.   
  • Strategies to tackle the continued implementation hurdles of policy, finance, awareness and capacity. 
  • Determining the scale of international financial and technical aid necessary for green cooling and the mechanisms to mobilize such support 

Photographs of the event

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