Report Release & Stakeholder Dialogue: Enabling Renewable Energy Growth in Assam

The International Forum for Environment, Sustainability and Technology (iFOREST) convened a multi-stakeholder dialogue in Guwahati, Assam on March 27, 2024 to deliberate on strategies for ‘Enabling Renewable Energy Growth in Assam.’ 

In the meeting, iFOREST released three new research reports/factsheets titled ”Assam Renewable Energy Potential Reassessment: Focus of Solar, Wind and Biomass”, ”Enabling Renewable Energy Growth in Assam” and ”Impact of ISTS Waiver on Economics of Solar Power Procurement in Assam.” 

The research findings show that Assam is blessed with significantly higher renewable energy generation potential than previously assessed by central government agencies. The reassessed RE potential is adequate to support a low-carbon pathway to meet the state’s growing electricity demand. While an increased commitment to RE projects is already visible in the state, there are limitations to growth that need to be addressed through policy tightening and institutional capacity building.

Photograph of the Event

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