Senior Programme Associate- Energy, Climate Change and Just Transition

iFOREST is inviting applications from research professionals for the position of Senior Programme Associate for working on the cross-cutting issue of Energy, Climate Change and Just Transition.

Candidates with a minimum work experience of 6-7 years, and with sound technical and analytical skills are encouraged to apply. Please review carefully the programme, work responsibilities and required qualifications to apply.

About iFOREST engagement on Just Transition Initiative

The urgency of climate action and transitioning to a low-carbon economy requires a systematic change in fossil-fuel production and its consumption along the industrial supply chain. However, this change will have impacts on the workers, local communities, and geographies, dependent on such industries, for income, revenue and also social sector spending. Therefore, an energy transition and economic diversification planning need to happen simultaneously, with the goal to create green jobs, substitute revenue and protect the environment.

Just Transition is a core engagement area of iFOREST, on which the organization is working on a cross-cutting manner. iFOREST is taking a multipronged approach including, research, policy engagement, public outreach and capacity building. The organisation is engaging at the sub-national, national and international levels. iFOREST has also set-up the India Just Transition Centre (IJTC) in June 2021, which is the first platform in India to work comprehensively on the issue from the perspective of India and global South.

Work Description & Responsibilities

  • Undertake and oversee technical research which involves primary and secondary data.
  • Prepare reports, technical briefs, policy papers, articles, and other forms of materials, suitable for policy action, data-driven decision making, and public engagement.
  • Engage with a diverse group of stakeholders for research, and dissemination of research outputs.
  • Engage independently with senior officials, policy makers and civil society representatives, among others, to pursue project work and develop potential work areas.
  • Guide team members on aspects of research, publications and communication.
  • Any other related assignments as may be entrusted by the reporting authority.

Qualification & Required Skills

  • Masters degree (minimum) in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management (with Bachelors in Engineering), Energy and Resource Management, Sustainability management or related degrees,
  • A minimum of 6-7 years of work experience in relevant areas.
  • Excellent research, technical and analytical skills.
  • Proficiency in writing and communication of research outputs.
  • Ability to engage with diverse group of stakeholders.
  • Lead responsibilities, work independently, and guide team members.
  • Develop project ideas by engaging with experts and researchers, officials, and relevant practitioners.


Competitive salary as per candidate’s experience and proficiency.

Application deadline and instructions

Immediate opening. Position open until filled.

We prefer the candidate to submit an online application at In case of any difficulty, you may also send your application to Applications must be accompanied by a CV; a Cover Letter (no more than 1000 words) and list of referees (at least 2) with contact detail.

Applicants with specified educational qualification and experience, are encouraged to apply.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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